Design & Construct

The benefit of choosing design & construct not only saves you money, it drastically reduces the time the project takes to complete, as well as minimises the time you spend working on the project. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every decision being made will maximise your investment.

When you choose design + construct, both the design and building teams will be working together from the very first day. Not only will there be a seamless transition between your completed design idea and the construction of that design, there’s less room for error in the design and less chance of expensive variations during construction.  Having a single point of contact during your entire build also makes for a more faultless and stress-free building process.

With our collaborative process, we provide oversite as the design develops to ensure it reflects the budget. Given that we are specialists in the cost to build, this input is invaluable as the design develops so as to avoid the heartache of unaffordable builds. We can also Identify any potential risk items whilst the design develops, that may jeopardise the potential approvals. This allows our clients to make informed judgments and assess for themselves any questionable details that may or may not be rejected well in advance of investing time and money in finalising the design and lodging for any approvals.



Consult - Construct - Complete